31 Days

I used to be better at withstanding peer pressure.

But my friend Pam (who blogs her hilarious words and doodles at yesilikepaulstanley.blogspot.com) invited me to play in the blog sandbox with her. And I can’t say “no.” (She’d make fun of me – and she’d be good at it.)

Pam told me about this blogging challenge called “31 Days” (write31days.com) where a thousand (or three) other bloggers are posting every day this month on any topic of their choice. Yikes.

I was stumped on what I could possibly write about for 31 long days:

  • 31 recipes for the perfect tuna casserole?
  • 31 Baskin-Robbins flavors and why they’re worthy of inclusion in the ice cream canon?
  • 31 inspired musings worthy of a kitty cat poster?

Nah. I figured I’d talk about what I always talk about — stupid family stuff that makes me laugh, because heaven knows we need to seriously lighten up about this parenting business sometimes.

Every blessed October day, I’ll share my favorite stuff that’s fun/ funny/funktastic and somehow (be it ever so tangentially) related to families. And I’d love to hear from you – because you’ve got tons of fun/funny/funktastic/family-related stuff of your own that I may have somehow missed in life.

I’ll warn you: there’s almost zero chance there’ll be crafts or recipes (that would just be weird coming from me).

But there might be a bonzo thing I found at Goodwill that’ll make you spew your morning coffee. Or a children’s book you just HAVE to own. Or the new line of hilarious Halloween wigs at Target that you absolutely must try on.

It’ll be silly nonsense. But that’s how we roll in our crusty old station wagon with the Bill Cosby album blaring.

By day 31, who knows? I may be scraping the bottom of the fun barrel and saying stuff like, “Eh, who cares anymore. Just go watch cartoons.”

But hey, at least it won’t require a glue gun.

Here are each day’s topics as we go along…

Day 2: B.J. Novak’s new children’s book

Day 3: Goat Feet Hunting

Day 4: Saturday is for DONUTS

Day 5: Wigs.

Day 6: Motherly “Hairoics

Day 7: Undead Family Photos

Day 8: Really “Bad” Cross-stitch

Day 9: Pack a Shoebox…or 12

Day 10: Introduce Your Kids to Jan Hooks

Day 11: Get Your Faerie On

Day 12: Sunday is for Slothing

Day 13: Get Pumped for Fall at Pumpkintown USA

Day 14: Cook like Betty Draper

Day 15: Ummmmm, I skipped.

Day 16: Show the Kids Your Yearbook

Day 17: Chomp on Cheeseburgers

Day 18: Get Tricked out for Halloween

Day 19: Skipped again!

Day 20: Game on

Day 23: SNL Starter Skits for Kids

Day 29: Taunt a Furby (actually, don’t)

Day 31: Allow Me to Introduce…the Jack-O-Lantern

WHEW! We’re done!

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