Day 3 – Goat Feet Hunting

I found what’s at the rainbow’s end, my friends.


These things.

These are GOATS’ FEET.

These feet that once frolicked about a craggy meadow can now sit atop your child’s craft station, upcycled into handsome decanters for Magic Markers and craft scissors.

Just imagine the possibilities.

And it all begins at your local JUNK STORE.

(The above are available right now at Past to Present in Niantic, CT if you don’t have time this weekend to fashion your own.)

On this — Day 3 of my Fun/Funny/Funktastic Stuff for Families blogging challenge (#write31Days) — allow me to point your brood toward the nearest Goodwill store or dusty old thrift store.

Here at these havens of curiosities and cost-savings, your children will gain an appreciation for the record albums…


and the typewriters…


and the Pez dispensers of the past.


You’re welcome, Will.

They’ll learn the value of squeezing a dollar til it begs for mercy (and the thrill of scoring those barely-used UnderArmour sneakers for $5).

And they’ll be imbued with a can-do spirit of DIY-ness — the very same spirit that inspired a man to see a pair of goats’ feet and dream of all the worlds they could hold.

So don’t be a snob. Go junking with your kids. You’ll find something completely random that you just have to have.

And maybe you’ll find a really scary doll that’ll make you laugh ’til you cry – or who will kill you in the night.

Oh sure, there’s risk involved. But it’s still the best Blue Light Special there is.