Day 12 – Sunday is for Slothing

I’ve been blogging for 12 straight days, and I’m wore out.

And of course, this is Sunday — the Day of Rest.

So might I suggest on Day 12 of my 31-day blogging challenge (for 31 Days of Fun/Funny/Funtastic Stuff for Families) to do something really radical?


Me (at about 5) and my dad “reading” the paper together. If you look carefully, you’ll see mine is more of the “funny paper” variety. Whatevs.


Go to church.

Read the paper.

Take a nap.

Have breakfast food for dinner.

Watch a movie.

Be a waste of space for a day.

That’s what a Sunday is for.

Besides, there’s a bonus holiday tomorrow for most of us – so store up those energy bunnies for tomorrow’s fanciful action-packed pumpkin-picking, hay-riding and leaf-peeping.

Sunday is for slothing.

I give you permission. And I’m gonna go out on a limb here…so does God.

Happy Sunday. Happy slothing.

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