Day 4 – Saturday is for DONUTS

This box is either half empty – or half full – depending on how you look at it.


This used to hold many donuts. (We’ve been busy this Saturday morning.)

As part of the 31 day writing challenge I’ve undertaken (#write31Days), I’m sharing 31 days of my funnest/funniest stuff for families. So far, it’s involved taxidermy and books that say “BooBoo Butt,” so yeah, it’s been pretty high-brow.

That trend continues.

Allow me to impart a little parenting wisdom from my vast repertoire of wisdom.

Donuts are the way to a child’s heart.

Especially the ones in the yellow box that we have around here.


For local yokels, run – don’t walk – as fast as your chubby little donut-lovin’ legs can carry you to Flanders Donuts in Niantic, CT. I all but licked this plate, so you’ll just have to trust me. It was gooood.

I suggest you go get yourself a box of donuts this weekend. Somewhere. Anywhere. (Preferably in the yellow box or where there’s a neon “Hot Doughnuts Now” sign — if such fine dining options are available to you.)

These sugar bombs of glazed goodness may not pass the Michelle Obama test, but trust me, you will be BELOVED for it.

And your wee ones will be QUIET for a few delicious minutes.


Little faces stuffed with love and sprinkles.

Now THAT’s the makings of a happy Saturday.

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