Mars, Venus, & Valentines

Entire books have been written about men and women being different. I don’t have much spicy and new to add — except maybe this. I now have photographic evidence.

Pictured below is a GIRL writing her Valentines cards, sitting across from a BOY doing his. Tell me what you see.


(You do NOT see piles of laundry in the background. Those are NOT the droids you’re looking for…)

The careful observer first notes the female child and the studiousness with which she embraces her task. (I believe her tongue might have even been sticking out in concentration.) You see that the female child is laboring over each card with loving attention – even taking time to write sweet words of affirmation on each one, like “You are the best dancer in the world!” or “I think you’re the funniest kid in the class.” Awww, you know that’s tender.

Now please note the male child and the total goofy disinterest with which he embraces his task. Note that the male child’s entire head is located under the table where his task can no longer even remain in eye-shot. Please also note the position of his rump aloft in the air, so that squirming can be accomplished but little else.

This, my friends, encapsulates the difference.

This is what homework looks like at our house every night.

And this is why it’s so exhausting being a female trying to parent one of these male creatures.

I have no idea what’s going on in that crazy little boy head of his. Mainly because that head is mostly under the table and all I see is butt.

So here’s a big Happy Valentine’s Day greeting from our house to yours.

I think this goes without saying…but don’t expect a card from Will.

P.S. If you have your own evidence of “la différence,” please share! Consider it your contribution to modern sociological discourse or whatever.