Day 5 – WIGS.

Wig. It’s a short word. It requires no explanation. A big goofy wig is inherently FUNNY.

(As is a Kristen Wiig, but I’ll save that for another day.)

Trying on wigs (if you can get past concerns about cooties) is one of life’s great hilarities.

Target has this new line of wigs for Halloween – all huge and 3-D and not at all hairy –that BEG to be tried on and Instagrammed.

Here’s Lucy doing exactly that – channeling her inner Kate Moss.



So if you’re out cruising the aisles this afternoon, take a break from hissing at your children hanging out of the cart like chattering monkeys, their wee spaghetti arms grabbing every Halo mini-figure set and box of Cocoa Puffs in sight.

On Day 5 of my 31 day blogging challenge (#write31Days), here’s my genius fun/funny/funktastic idea for your family:

Take yourself a breather in the Halloween aisle.

Go try on those big stupid wigs. Take dorky pictures. Laugh like snorting mules.

You might just all make it out of the store alive.

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