Day 7 – Undead Family Photos

There is no end – and I mean, NOOO END – to all the goofiness you can get involved in on the Interweb.

But here’s my favorite today:

Photoshopping your kids into vampires.


I use PicMonkey to help create all the photographic wonders you see on this über-fancy blog on a daily basis. (Even techno-illiterate dorks like me can use it without torment, so when I say it’s easy, it’s easy.)

Now PicMonkey has these new Halloween and Christmas themes, wherein you can turn your family into the cast of Twilight or — for the jollier of spirit — a pack of marauding North Pole elves.

This is Day 7 of the 31-day blogging challenge (#write31Days) in which I committed to pummel you with fun/funny stuff for families all month long.

So for the colossally bored out there (which is exactly NO ONE), how bout a little Vampire or Magic Elf photo editing?

Just upload a picture onto PicMonkey, click the little Jack-o-lantern in the photo editor, and choose whether you want to transform your little darlings into witches or the undead.

Grey out that summer tan, add in a couple of fangs, and voila. You’ve just had yourself a laugh. And every time you look at this picture, you will laugh again. So…multiple laughs. Totally worth it.

(And did I mention, it’s all free? Score.)

Now if the spooky stuff isn’t your bag, head on down to the SantaLand theme — a jollier, less dead place to hang.


(I think I just blew the secret on the Filly Family Christmas card this year, yo.)

If you actually do this ridiculous nonsense, PLEASE please please share with me your thematic family photos — either here or on my Tales From the Crib blog Facebook page.

I assure you, I will laugh multiple times. So will you.

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