Day 31 – Allow Me to Introduce…the Jack-o-Lantern

It’s Halloween, and I’ve got a spooky hot crafting tip you won’t read anywhere else.

I mean, this is going to blow Pinterest’s mind.

On this final day of my 31 Days of Fun/Funny/Funtastic Stuff for Families, get ready for a truly grand finale…the ultimate DIY upcycling idea of the millennium.

Okay, here goes:

Step 1: Get a pumpkin from the big cardboard box at Stop & Shop.

Step 2: Carve a hole in the top and scoop out the guts. (Don’t pout about it like my preteen son. Man up.)

Step 3: Carve eyes and a scary smile into it. Stick a lit candle in there.


Voila. This is what’s called in certain cultures…a JACK-O-LANTERN. 

Have you ever?? Don’t you want one?

I could’ve kept this light hidden under a bushel, metaphorically speaking…but I’m a giver. And that’s what this 31 Day challenge has been all about – reaching out to you with awesome sauce ideas that will rock your family’s world.

And trust me, this jack-o-lantern thing is a big deal.

It’s particularly trending in big cities – like Providence, for example. That’s where I got the idea.

Maybe you’ve heard of it, but they’ve got this whole Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Zoo (there’s still time – it ends Nov. 2) with about a billion of these carved creations all over the place.


It’s definitely worth the trip.

Now personally, I’d avoid weekends at this pumpkin-palooza, because people seem pretty amped about this new pumpkin sensation.

But we went mid-week, and the crowd wasn’t too nuts. (Except for those people taking pictures of all 5,000 pumpkins on their phones — including ones that said “Sponsored by: Cardi’s Furniture.” But that’s what phones do to people, I guess.)

Now that I’ve clued you in to this new pumpkin craze, you really should check out the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular if you’re within pumpkin seed spitting distance.

I mean, what a gold mine of ideas — just in case you decide to try your hand at carving a Jack-o-Lantern yourself one day.

After you’ve mastered those triangle eyes, you might even feel savvy enough to take it to the next level.

If so, might I suggest…a castle?


I didn’t steal these pictures off the Interweb. Somebody actually carved these for that Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular. For reals.

Or Elsa?


Or even more exquisite — how about Tom Brady in pumpkin form?


Just some ideas to ponder for next year.

It’s my gift to you this Halloween.

You’re welcome.

AND thank you — for reading and putting up with all my complete and utter nonsense all month long. I’m not sure you can say the same, but I’ve had fun.

Tonight, you might want to look into an activity I hear all the cool kids are doing. It’s called “Trick or Treating” or something like that…

(Finger on the pulse.)

A Happy Happy Halloween to you from Tales from the Crib!

May your pumpkin patch truly be the most sincere.